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Great things our customers say.

Charlotte Akuhata

2 weeks ago

Kerrie Cusack

1 month ago

Very accommodating and easy to do business with. Love my new car

Jude Savio Mendes

1 month ago

Love the place

Mark T

2 months ago

Very helpful guys go out of their way to get you the right car at fair prices.

Paul Timothy

11 months ago

It was very easy and straight forward to do a deal.

Kamal Piryani

1 year ago

Excellent and honest dealership. Huge variety of vehicles. Dealer ensures quality of vehicle before purchases through systematic and scientific checks. There is very efficient team of professional mechanics to take care of cars. Despite all this, yard has the most competative prices in the town. the icing on the cake is provision of third party warranty and finance service in very efficient manner and affordable prices. I can never think of buying a car from anywhere other than galaxy autos.

Scott T

1 year ago

Carl Thom

1 year ago

Sold me a work ute at a fair price, gave me a good price for a trade in too. No problems with the car, running well. Found him to be friendly and honest. Didn't get a dodgy vibe from him as with some dealers. Positive experience for me.

Russel Jane

1 year ago

Looked several places for a used car. Once coming across here i was able to find my car for prices cheaper that i found elsewhere. They also provided me warranty on the car with nominal price and free roadside assistance. They made everything very smooth and any concerns or questions i had they took care of straight away. Would definitely recommend them and will come back for future cars.

Jess Thomas

1 year ago

Happy with purchase of my Toyota. Excellent Service and reasonable driveaway price.

Rakeshreddy Devireddy

1 year ago

Well nice used cars and help full mechanics go and see will find good car me and one of my friend brought a Mazda 6 2006 model it’s been good car and going quite well and this guys will help you in car care and warranty purchases.

junior ah fook

1 year ago

Adam Nielsen

1 year ago

Fantastic service. Had a few problems with the car I bought during the three month used-car warranty (failed sensors, leaking shocks) but they repaired everything with no quibble at all and even offered to drop me off at the nearest train station and pick me up again when I came to collect the car. I definitely recommend them!

Sonia Lohana

1 year ago

Great dealership, wonderful service, very reasonable in terms of vehicle prices.

Melissa Campione

1 year ago

Just bought a car from them they went above and beyond there service would not hesitate to recommend them

jimmy yimmy

2 years ago

Wouldve been 5 star if his office was clean other than that good guy good dealer.

bishan rorboy

2 years ago

Very reliable and helpful Good dealer

Kg Bhutto

2 years ago


Narendar Piryani

3 years ago

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